SS4544 SyncroStep Motion Control System
Application Note 109 - ssCNC Setup using ssDEMO Revised 12/06/01
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    This application note discusses what has to be done to setup a your system  whose motion is controlled by a ss4544 for some turnkey application, such as our ssCNC program.
  The program ssDEMO is a collection of programs and documentation to enable you to configure and optimize your system.  The ssDEMO program when started resets any current application running in the ss4544 and downloads a copy of Ustep3 which implements is a general purpose serial interface to control all aspects of the ss4544.  In addition in order to control a specific machine configuration, a set of parameters describing all aspects of the machine must be downloaded to the ss4544.  We call this the Motion ParaMeter set which ends up in a file with an .MPM extension .  This file is loaded whenever you go into an application in ssDEMO such as Diagnostics, or one of the Examples.  A sample file MPMDEMO.MPM is supplied with the ssDEMO software, which you can then edit and modify to match your machine.  In Diagnostics there are many programs for testing, evaluating, and tuning your machine.  This may be done interactively while you adjust your parameters.

    This discussion is a work in progress.  Any questions you might have which are not answered clearly here or in any of the documentation within ssDEMO will be answered and added to this discussion.  Please feel free to email with your questions.

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