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Testra Corporation

The New Art in Stepping Motor Drive and Control

    Testra Corporation specializes in precision drive and control of rotary and linear Stepper Motor Systems in an Automation environment, providing coordinated multi-axes systems for use by OEM's, system integrators, and the one of a kind machine builder.  We have both standard and custom solutions, utilizing our ultra smooth SyncroStep * micro-stepping technology, and many companion products for machine automation & control that run over a RS-485 network.
    We have also applied the technology to individual motor drive modules resulting in the SoftStep driver product line.  These drivers give you the benefit of smooth micro-stepping even though you are controlling them with much coarser step commands.

    Tired of Noisy step motors?   Step motors are noisy because of the way they are driven.  Our new SoftStep driver product line utilizing our new advanced technology includes models such as the ss483S that always operate at 256 microsteps per motor step irrespective of the selected input step rate.  The motors speak for themselves without clicks, buzzing or whining!


ss483S 4.2amp DC 44 volt (3a RMS) Bipolar
SoftStep 256 microsteps/step always
Input Step Rate 1,1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32,1/64,1/128,1/256
Opto-Isolated Step, Direction, Enable, Reset
Thermal and Short Circuit Protected
$195 @ single quantity
Click Here for Specifications

    Want a System solution? Our 4X483S, is an integrated step motor drive system that is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. This is a complete system including power, 4 axes of drivers, parallel port interface to a PC.   Cut both your development and assembly costs by using this system.  It is directly software compatible with the Mach series of PC port control systems and with WinCNC control sytems.


4X483S 4-Axes  4 amp 44 volt  SoftStep always microsteps
Complete with, Power, Drivers, Connectors, Power & PC Cables
You supply the Stage with Motors, Spindle or Laser, and a PC
Implement a 3D CNC Engraver, Router, Mill, or Lathe using Mach or WinCNC
$1195 @ single quantity
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    Want a Total solution? Our flagship product, the SS4544, is an integrated motion and machine control system that is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. Cut both your development costs and your time to market by using this system. We have out of the box applications with software for laser & mechanical engraving, routing, and plasma cutting machine control.  Panel mounted or Handheld control panels are available with the system. 



SS-4544 4-Axes  5 amp 44 volt, RS232/485
Complete Turnkey Package, Power, Controller
Drivers, Connectors, Cables, Software
You supply the Stage with Motors, Spindle or Laser, and a PC
Implement a 3D CNC Engraver, Router, Mill, or Lathe!
$1595 @ single quantity
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OEM Products and Custom Solutions.
    We will work with original equipment manufacturers to either integrate our standard motion control systems into their product or do custom solutions.  When volume justifies, we will license our technology and assist in your system development.  We also do turnkey designs and manufacturing of your product in its entirety, including ASIC development to put it all on a chip. Custom software solutions are also available.  We have done complex drivers in DOS, Windows 95/98/ME/NT , and various embedded environments.

* US Patent 5,650,705
If you have comments or suggestions, email us at
Testra Corporation   1201 N. Stadem Drive  Tempe, AZ 85281  Ph. 480-966-8428  Fax: 480-907-2876

This page was last updated February 3, 2009

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