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    This is an extensive list of manufacturers of Motion Control Products, which may be used in conjunction with our products, or may even be our direct competitors.  We hope that you find these listst useful.  If you manufacture motion control products and would like to exchange links with us, please email us at  The message should include your Company name, web address, and product categories, which fit within the following, or a suggestion for a new category.

ASSOCIATIONS - Professional Groups, Standards, Comitties, Etc.
CNC CONTROL - Hardware, Tools, Publications, Software
CONTROLS        - Drivers, Indexers, Integrated Systems
DISTRIBUTORS - Representatives & Distributors
EDUCATION      - Consultants, Books, Schools, Other Links, Etc.
ENGRAVING      - Hardware, Software, Distributors & Reps, Publications, Materials, Tools
HOBBIEST         - Projects, New and Surplus Equipment, Educational
INTEGRATORS  - System Integrators
LASER                - Laser and Plasma
MOTORS            - Stepper and Servo
PANELS             - Control Panels and other input devices
SENSORS           - Encoders, Sensors, Joysticks, and other input devices
STAGES             - Rails, Stages, Tables, etc.

If you would like to exchange links, send request to
Testra Corporation   1201 N. Stadem Drive  Tempe, AZ 85281  Ph. 480-560-6141  Fax: 480-907-2876