Photo ss483 Module with Heatsink SS-483S - SoftStep  Bi-polar Stepper Motor Driver.  Always microsteps at 256 per step reguardless of step size selection.  Full step and Half step systems may now be easily converted to quiet smooth microstepping without any system software changes.  This driver is suitable for motors in the 0.5 to 3 amp rms range.  Driver supply voltages between 12 to 45 volts may be used.  The driver is available in several I/O terminal configurations.  A version is available that is second source compatible with the IMS  IM-483 microstepping driver.

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Photo 4X483S System4XS483S - SoftStep 4-axis Motor Drive System. Plug compatible with most PC parallel port control systems such as the Mach series, WinCNC with a supplied adaptor for the PC, and any other step and direction controller using a user wired cable.  This a complete system including switching power supply, cooling fans,regenerative braking, four SS483SDB 4 amp 44 volt microstepping motor drivers, buffered and filtered I/O, relay drivers, pluggable screw terminal connectors, pc parallel port cable, power cable


SS-4544 - SyncroStep 4-axis Micro-Stepping Motor Driver and Motion Control System. Everything is programmable, no pots, switches or jumpers!  44 volt motor drive to 5amps peak. Input Power 85-265vac 50-60hz. Three axis interpolated moves.  Fifth axis for laser power modulation and tickle.  Limit switch and encoder inputs on all axes, with two additional encoder inputs.  Emergency stop. RS-232 input and RS-485 network.  User +5v power. Electronic circuit breakers. Extensive supporting software.
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SMX32/16-RP- I/O Module - 32 inputs, 16 input/outputs, 2 SPDT 240vac 10a relays.  Optically Isolated RS-485 communication 4000 ft maximum. 12-24vac/dc input power.  Infra-red box security detector.  Programmable Status indicator.  RS-485 auto termination.  RS-485 status indicator.  Maintenance Beeper. Plugable screw terminal interface connectors.

SMX32/16-R    - Local I/O Module - 32 inputs, 16 input/outputs 2 SPDT 240vac 10a relays,   RS-485 communication. +5v dc power from network 5 ft maximum..

SMX32/16-S    - Local I/O Module - 32 inputs, 16 input/outputs RS-485 10 ft maximum.

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Photo of PANP-P (click) PANP-P - Panel Display Processor- 32k RAM, 128k FLASH, 25mhz CPU, 4x20 LCD Display, Key Panel interface, Card Reader Interface, RS-232 and optically isolated RS-485 communication 4000 ft maximum.  12-24vac/de input power.  Infra-red security detector. Programmable Status indicator. RS-485 auto termination. Beeper.

PANP-S   - Local Panel Display Processor - 4x20 LCD Display, Key Panel interface,  RS-232 and RS-485 communication. +5v dc power from network 5ft maximum.

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