SS4544 SyncroStep Motion Control System
Application Note 104 - Linear Table Demo Setup Instructions
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    A. SS4544 BOX
    B. Power Cord
    C. RS232 Cable for your computer. (There are two cables DB-25 and a DB-9)
    D. Normag Linear Table
    F. Two Floppy Disks with Demo System on Them

2. UNWRAP LINEAR TABLE, SS4544, and setup the PUMP.

    A. Keep packing material separate along with remaining filler from suitcase.
    B. The Air Pump is bolted into the bottom of the suitcase. It can be put remotely from the demo setup, but when running the cover of the suitcase should be left open for ventilation for cooling the pump. Snake the air outlet air hose over to the demo table. It has a small nipple on the end of it. The inlet tube has a filter on it and should be left coiled up in the bottom of the suitcase.


    A. Plug in the Axis MOTOR and HOME connections. The Motor connectors have XorY written on them. Plug them in appropriately. One Home Sensor cable has a little X written on the wire. Plug this into the X limits connector, and plug the other into the Y limits connector.

    B. Connect the RS232 cable between the SS4544 and the controlling computer using the appropriate cable. The software is configured for COM1 on the computer, but may be easily changed if necessary.

    C. Connect up power to the computer and the SS4544. You can also optionally turn on the air pump.

4. LOAD and/or STARTUP the DEMO software.

    A. If the SS program has not been loaded on the computer, install it at this time. Put the disk (there is a duplicate if problems arise) into the floppy drive on the computer. Using the Windows file manager, you can click on the A: drive. From the list of files double click on the INSTALL.BAT file. This will install the software and automatically start up the program. If you have already installed the software before, you can click on the SS.BAT file which will be found at C:\.  With windows there will be a SS Icon put on your desktop which may be used to launch the program.

    B. When the program loads, there will be a greeting screen, followed by a waiting time unless you hit a key on the keyboard. The SS program will then attempt to download to the SS4544. A display window will open showing the download progress. When is has successfully completed this task the window will close and you are ready to do something. If there is no communications with the SS4544, you will get a message, and the software will lock into demonstration mode, i.e. operating without actually controlling a machine.


Note: There is context sensitive help everywhere. Hit the F1 key. The menus are perused either by typing the associated number of the menu item, or moving the highlight bar around to select the item with the cursor UP DOWN arrow keys, followed by the ENTER key for item selection. The ESC key causes you to back up a menu level.

    A. From the main menu select 5 HARDWARE DIAGNOSTICS. This will take you to the DIAGNOSTICS menu and will initialize the SS4544 System with the LINEAR parameter set.

Note: the table will be homed, so make sure the AIR supply is turned on before doing this.

    B. Select 3 EVALUATIONS
    C. Select 5 COORDINATED
    D. From here you may select
        i) 2 RANDOM XY which will cause the system to move the table in random coordinated moves within the table boundaries. ESC terminates the program after the last move is completed.
        ii) 1 CIRCLES which takes you to another menu. In this menu if you select 2 Random XY , the table will move to random positions on the table as in the prior RANDOM XY, but will then draw the largest circle it can at that position on the table. ESC terminates the motion after the last move is completed.


    A. Hit ESC repeatedly until you are at the MAIN menu. Select 8 Return to DOS.
Answer the question by hitting the ENTER key.
    B. Power down everything.


    Currently the software does not like the SS4544 to be powered down while it is running. It most likely will cause the computer to hang in limbo. You can get out of this condition by hitting a CONTROL-SHIFT-BREAK sequence on the keyboard WITHOUT releasing the keys. After this hit RETURN then type BYE in capital letters and hit RETURN. This will take you back from whence you came on the PC. You can then restart the SS program. Otherwise you will have to reboot the computer..

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