SS4544 SyncroStep Motion Control System
Application Note 101 - Getting Started with the SS4544K
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The SS4544K -  Deluxe System for the first time User, Includes all options, cables and connectors for 4 axes, and one sample size 17 step motor to experiment with at a special introductory price.

1. DOWNLOAD the latest copy of the SSDEMO software from the TESTRA web site. Then install on your computer (DOS or Windows) per the instructions.


    A. SS4544 BOX
    B. Power Cord
    C. RS232 Modular Cable with a DB-9 adapter for connection to your computer
    D. Connector Kit Includes:
        a.  4 - 5pin Screw terminal Motor Connectors
        b.  4 - 6pin Molex connector shell for Encoder and Flag connections
        c.  1 - 8pin Molex connector shell for Training Encoder and Flag connections.
        d.  1 - 3pin Molex connector shell for PWM and feedback connections.
        e.  1 - 2pin Molex connector shell for Interlock
        f  40 - crimp pins for connector shells (b-e)
    F. Sample step motor.

3. CONNECT the SS4544 to POWER , your COMPUTER, and a STEP MOTOR

    A. Connect the RS232 cable between the SS4544 and the controlling computer using the supplied  cable. The software is configured for COM1 on the computer, but may be easily changed if necessary.

    B. Connect the sample step motor 17PM-K13-05M to the screw terminal connector for the X-axis of the system.

                                        Yellow  - Pin 2
                                        Red       - Pin 3
                                        Orange  - Pin 4
                                        Blue      - Pin 5

        Plug into the X-axis connector, only if the X-axis indicator is off. All driver will power up in the off state.  If by chance you have already loaded the ssDEMO software and gotten to a point where the driver(s) have been turned on, hitting the F5 key will toggle them on or off each time you hit F5.

    C. Connect up power to the SS4544 using the supplied cable.  The green power indicator above the power inlet connector should come on within a few seconds, along with the cooling fan.  The red brake indicator may come on.  All indicators on the top of the box will be off.

4. LOAD and/or STARTUP the ssDEMO software.

   A. If the ssDEMO program has not been loaded on the computer, install it at this time. If you have an installation floppy disk, put it into the floppy drive on the computer. Using the Windows file manager, you can click on the A: drive, otherwise if you downloaded from the internet, go to the directory you saved the download.  From the list of files double click on the INSTALL.BAT file, or if you only have MKSSDEMO.EXE, double click on it, then double click on the INSTALL.BAT which will be created at this time.  Alternatively you can use the windows Run feature and enter a:install if your install disk is in the A: drive.  This will install the software and automatically start up the program. If you have already installed the software before, you can click on the SS.BAT file which will be found at C:\ in DOS or if you are using windows there will be an SS Icon that was placed on your desktop to launch the program.

    B. When the program loads, there will be a greeting screen, followed by a waiting time unless you hit a key on the keyboard. The SS program will then attempt to download to the SS4544. A display window will open showing the download progress.  While the download is taking place, the green RS-232 IN indicator will be on, with an occasional flashing of the RS-232 OUT indicator.  When is has successfully completed this task all three communication indicators will flash briefly, the download window will close and you are ready to do something.

   If there is no communications with the SS4544, you will get a message, and the software will lock into demonstration mode, i.e. operating without actually controlling a machine.  If you are not connected to COM1 of your computer, at this time you need to go into 3. System Setup from the ss DEMO MAIN MENU, then go into 3. Comm Port Parameters then 1. Com Port where using the cursor UP and DOWN arrows you can set the proper comm port. The other port parameters should be already be set to 38400 baud, 1 or 2 stop bits and NO parity. When that is done, hit ENTER, then ESCAPE which will back you up one menu level, another ESCAPE which takes you to the main menu, followed by 8 Exit Program, then answer the question YES by hitting the ENTER key. This will save your new comm port as the default and return you to DOS or windows.  You can then restart the SS Demo by typing SS at the DOS prompt or double clicking the SS icon in windows, which should start up everything correctly this time.



   There is context sensitive help everywhere. Hit the F1 key. The menus are perused either by typing the associated number or letter of the menu item, or moving the highlight bar around to select the item with the cursor UP DOWN arrow keys, followed by the ENTER key for item selection. The ESC key causes you to back up a menu level.

    The system manual is included within the help system.  It is strongly suggested that you peruse the system looking at the help files to get a feel of how to use the system, etc., before continuing. From the Help Menu you can create and print a manual.  The manual is created by scanning all the branches of the menu tree and compiling the help files at each node into the manual.  In addition you may print specific help files using the F10 key.

   The demo as provided should have the motion parameter file (.MPM) selected as the default.  This will be indicated in a small box in the upper left corner of the screen labeled Parameter Set at the Main Menu.  If not, or you are using a different motor, it is important that you go first to 4. Motion Parameters and select the correct MPM File or make up your own ( Application note 105 Setting up an Axis on the ss4544).  The most important parameters will be your motor currents, since if they are set to high, your motor may very well burn up!

   A. From the main menu select 5. Hardware Diagnostics . This will take you to the DIAGNOSTICS menu and will initialize the SS4544 System with the ONEAXIS parameter set for this sample motor.  The green X-axis indicator will come on when the motor is powered.

   B. Next select 3. Evaluations  then 1. Evaluate X which will take you to the X-Evaluations menu.  From this menu you can setup and control an axis for getting your machine setup.  In this case we have a simple setup which is already done for you if you are doing this for the first time.  If you next select  2. Evaluate u/s the motor will travel 5 times over its programmed travel limits.

    C. From this point on it is up to you to go through the manual either interactively through the help system, or print one out for study.  Your choice.  Once you are somewhat up to speed, you can connect up to your machine and get it set up.


   A. Hit ESC repeatedly until you are at the MAIN menu. Select 8. Exit Program
Answer the question as a YES by hitting the ENTER key.
    B. Power down everything.


   Currently the software does not like the SS4544 to be powered down while it is running. It most likely will cause the computer to hang in limbo if a motion command is being processed. You can usually get out of this condition by hitting a CONTROL-ALT sequence on the keyboard without releasing the keys which will break the program out of any wait loop looking for response from the ss4544. 
   If that doesn't work a  CONTROL-SHIFT-BREAK sequence on the keyboard WITHOUT releasing the keys will totally kill the ssDEMO program.  After this hit RETURN then type BYE in capital letters and hit RETURN. This will take you back from whence you came on the PC. You can then restart the SS program. Otherwise you can just reboot the computer.

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