SS4544 SyncroStep Motion Control System
Application Note 105 - Setting up an Axis on the SS4544
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    Reminder - There is HELP every step of the way.  Hit the F1 key .  It will bring up the proper help for each and every menu selection.   The first time you start up the system,  the 1.Help selection of the  ssDEMO Main Menu will be highlighted.  Hit the F1 key for an overview of how to run the menu system.


    You should start this process either with no motors connected to the system, or with the SSdemo system set in DEMO mode, or immediately go to Motion Setup from the Main Menu after startup of SSdemo.

    From Motion Setup first select MPM Files.  This will bring up a dialog box. You can use some other parameter set for your starting parameters, and edit them to match your new axis.  The current MPM parameter set name will be displayed.  For example get the MPMDEMO Parameter Set.  Click on Change then hit F1 on your keyboard.  A list of MPM files will be displayed.  Using the Up/Down Arrows on your keyboard, move the highlight bar to MPMDEMO, then hit the Enter Key twice. Now click on Restore which will load the Parameter Set.  Next click on Change again, but this time hit the Delete Key, then type in your name for your new Parameter Set followed by the Enter Key.  Now click on Save.   You now have a new parameter set that you can edit.  Hit an Escape Key which takes you back to the Motion Setup menu.  Next select 2.System Parameters which will give you access to the axes parameters.

    At this point the recommended strategy, is to set all axes to a safe condition, and enter as many parameters as possible with the data at hand, leaving all axes turned off except the first one you are going to debug.  The most important parameters to set for each axis are:  Axis Power - so you don't accidentally overpower a motor and burn it up;  Step Distance - all other parameters for the axis use this to base their units on.  If you change this later, all of your other parameters will change; Encoder & Flags/Enable to turn off all but the first axis you are going to debug.

    After this is done, escape back to the main menu.  Make sure you save your new parameters on exiting.   You can then go live with the machine.  From the ssDEMO Main Menu select 3.System Setup then 1.Menu Options.  Make sure 1.Demo Mode is OFF then escape back to the System Setup Menu.  Next select 3.Comm Port Parameters   and make sure the port you are going to use is set properly.  The default is Comm 1, 38.4 k baud, 8 bit, 1 stop, parity OFF.  You can then escape back to the Main Menu.  At this point make sure the serial cable is connected from your Comm port to the SS4544 and that the box is powered up.  If so, hit the Escape Key one more time.  This will cause the SSdemo system to restart,  and initialize the SS4544 system.   Otherwise you can just leave by hitting 8.Exit this Program and everything will be saved so that the next time you start up SS, it will initialize the SS4544 box correctly.

    Next debug your parameter set using the 5.Hardware Diagnostics menu reached from the ssDEMO Main Menu.
When you enter this menu, the parameter set that you have now created will be downloaded to the SS4544 box.   Next select the first axis that you want to work on by selecting 3.Evaluations then the axis you are going to work on.  For example 1.Evaluate-X.  By this time you should have become somewhat familiar with the mechanics of getting around the menu system, so from this point on, the discussion will be more generalized.

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