SS4544 SyncroStep Motion Control System
Application Note 103 - Training
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    The SS4544 System has a 2 axes training input, which takes quadrature inputs plus an index for each of the two axes. These may pe plugged into the T2A8K hand-wheel module. An axes pair may be arbitrarily linked to the training inputs and servo'ed with the training wheels. The axes will then mimic any motion on the training wheels, subject to the programmed acceleration, speed, or axis limit constraints of the axis, and the training ratio. The training ratio is set by two integer numbers representing the turns ratio of the training wheels to the linked axis.

    For example if the training inputs overshoot an axis limit, the axis will in the meantime have properly decelerated and stopped on the axis limit. The training input at that point will re-cycle mod the index, so that when the training wheel is stopped and direction reversed, the axis will then accelerate off the axis limit in perfect sync with the training wheel. In fact a calibrated marked training wheel may be used which will indicate exactly the position of the motion system when at rest. If for example, the training wheels are spun faster than the axes can respond, the axes will fall behind, but when the training wheels are slowed, or stopped, the axes will catch up then decelerate to the exact position of the training wheels.

    A digitizing or inspection system can be easily constructed using the SS4544 system. The Z-axis could be used for the camera mount for focusing, and X,Y and R used for positioning the tool in X,Y and Theta. X&Y could be linked to the training wheels and a foot-switch input on the spindle feedback input bit for digitizing.

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